Aprilaire Humidifier Installation Chicago

Today the Chicago HVAC repair team had an Aprilaire humidifier installation in the Lincoln park area. The system wasn’t working properly but after a diagnosis we discovered the humidifer needed to be replaced. With our professional service we were able to install a new one and now there home feels the way it should. #aprilairehumidifier#lincolnparkchicago#install#hvaclife#chicagohvacrepairdoctor

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Aprilaire humidifier HVAC installation Chicago Aprilaire humidifier installation Chicago

Rheem Furnace Repair Chicago

Rheem Furnace Repair in Chicago

Today we had an Installation HVAC  project on a new Rheem furnace as well as a hot water tank in the Lincoln park area.It was a challenge with all the tight corners and limited space, but we made it happen.  With our professional experience we were able to provide our client with BBB A services.

Call us today to schedule your FREE in home estimate on a new system 312-810-4770. furnace#Hwt#Installation#lincolnparkchicago#hvaclife#chicagohvacrepairdoct
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Rheem Furnace Repairs in Chicago Rheem Furnace Repairs Chicago Rheem Furnace Repairs services in ChicagoBoiler Repair chicago Boilder installation and repair chicago

Rheem HVAC furnace repair in Chicago

With this cold weather a Furnace works twice as hard to keep your home nice and warm but, the strain can cause some to break down . If this happens to you don’t worry today our technicians were out all day diagnosing, repairing and installing furnaces and providing our customers with the best service and we can provide that same five star quality to you. Call us today to schedule your next appointment  (312)-810-4770 or (312) 806-4752. Chicago Hvac Repair Doctor here for all of your Hvac needs. Check out our website at: https://www.chicagohvacrepairdr.com

RHEEM furnace repairs services Chicago RHEEM furnace repairs services in chicago


Rheem furnace repair Service Chicago Job

Rheem Furnace Repair Chicago

furnace repair service chicago We did a Rheem furnace repair service today and it was a good one. It may not seem like it but summer is around the corner, but these few chilly days still have customers using there furnaces. This is a Rheem furnace that needed some quick medical attention, and it survived.  Call Chicago HVAC Repair Doctor ??‍⚕️ ? 312-810-4770 for all your furnace, air conditioner, hot water tank, tankless water heater and boiler repairs and or installations. Proudly servicing Chicago and Suburbs.

Rheem air conditioning repair in Chicago

rheem air conditioning repair ChicagoWell in today’s episode we find that this old worn out air conditioner wasn’t going to make it to see this summertime heat. We understood that it was time to install this brand new high efficiency Rheem air conditioning system. As you can see in the Before and after pics this was a job for a professional service that understands the requirements and skill needed to do an air conditioning repair installation install it properly. If you’re thinking of replacing your old air conditioner give us a call Chicago HVAC Repair Doctor ??‍⚕️ ? 312-810-4770. Installation done in Logan Square Chicago IL 60647.