hard work & persistence

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Rafael and Erica Ramirez met at Lincoln Park High School back in 1996. They fell in love and gave birth to their first son their senior year of high school.


From that moment Rafael knew that life would be tough, but he rolled up his sleeves and began his HVAC career at a young age. He not only worked his full time job, he made sure Erica was able to go to college – while taking care of their young family.


Over time Erica eventually graduated and starting work in the medical field. The young couple had good jobs and continued to work hard – as they grew their family. Their last child was born with some medical issues and Erica ended up leaving her job to stay home and care of their son.


This was another financial strain on their family causing them to lose their home, their cars and ultimately their pride. As tough as it was, Rafael continued to work hard and provide for his family. He was driven to get them back on their feet.


After several years Erica went back to work after their children were all in school and the youngest was stable. Then in 2016 Rafael decided to take a leap of faith and open his own HVAC company. He had built a reputation on hard work and doing everything he could for the customers he met. He had learned over the years that attention to detail was a must and that by providing quality work – he would build a name for himself in the industry. Little did the couple know that he would grow so quickly, Erica would have to quit her job to join Rafael.


This family-owned business truly understands what it means to struggle. They have grown their company on the reputation of honesty, quality, integrity, and they take great pride in their work! “Because, believe it or not, when we have a happy customer it really does make our day.” said Erica.


 Today, Chicago HVAC Repair Doctor is a thriving and growing business. Now their children have joined the family business and have learned from two hard working parents the meaning of success. They have a team of 10 and continue to add talent as needed.


The Chicago HVAC Repair Doctor story is one of hard work and passion. This family-owned and operated business started with a little idea…love what you do and bring quality and care to every job!